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15 Apr, 20200 comments
INFORMATION FOR DEALING WITH COVID-19 EVICTIONS  Potential Priority for Unlawful Detainer Complaint
18 Jul, 20140 comments
Most business owners try to save money wherever they can. While this is understandable, many cut cor
28 Jul, 20140 comments
Although most tenants take their furniture, clothes, and other possessions with them when they leave
8 Aug, 20140 comments
In most cases, landlords do not set out to deliberately discriminate against a particular group when


0 Everything they set out to do they accomplished.  Everything was accurately validated. They have not said anything that was not done.  I greatly appreciate that.

- Sharam

Timeliness and good follow up.  Like a well oiled machine.

- Alexander

Derrick and Mr. Hoffman – they were on the same page, it was quick, it was efficient.  It was just easy.

- Valenn