Enforcement of Real Property Rights

Real Estate Litigation


Although many real estate transactions occur without incident, sometimes conflicts arise. When they do, they can quickly escalate into costly, time-consuming court battles. Hoffman Law Group represents individuals and corporate entities in both residential and commercial settings. As a seasoned litigator, Kirk Hoffman helps owners, landlords, lenders, investors, and contractors in a wide range of conflicts.

Property Management

In the commercial and residential property context, problem tenants and properties are generally just part of the business. These disputes might be common, but Hoffman Law Group’s solutions are anything but commonplace. Kirk helps commercial and residential landlords, property managers, and owners minimize risk and obtain meaningful results with creative solutions that reduce time and cost.

Mechanic’s Liens

Mechanic’s liens as more than just a method of forcing payment or compliance – they are a proactive approach to protecting your interests before relationships deteriorate or projects go awry. Whether you’re a contractor performing ongoing work or a developer involved in new construction, your time is a significant investment. In addition to helping contractors record and enforce mechanic’s liens, Hoffman Law Group also assists owners and developers in reducing their liability exposure and establishing procedures for documenting potential claims. Hoffman Law Group also protects property owners defend against improper liens upon their property.

Purchase and Sale Contracts

In a perfect world, each contract would be drafted to thoroughly and effectively spell out the rights and responsibilities of every party involved. Perhaps more importantly, each side would live up to its promises and honor its obligations. Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world. This is where Hoffman Law Group can help. Kirk Hoffman and his team help clients assert their rights in cases involving fraud, breach, misrepresentation, bad faith, and nondisclosure. Kirk handles all types of disputes, including conflicts over commercial and residential contracts and leases, insurance claims, property taxes, and commercial and residential tenant claims.

Title, Easement, and Boundary Cases

Real estate is an investment. When that investment is threatened, you need a knowledgeable attorney who knows the industry, the practice area, and how to handle the various parties involved. Whether your property is subject to an encroachment, easement, adverse possession claim, or other boundary dispute or quiet title action, do not trust your case to an inexperienced attorney. Kirk Hoffman will help you navigate the legal system so you can approach your case with confidence.

Silicon Valley Real Estate Litigation

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