Respecting Individual Liberty

Beware the collective will of the majority, for it is the surest way to strip individuals of their liberty. On November 8th, the citizens of Mountain View, based upon a simple majority vote, stripped landlords of valuable property rights, including the right to control the safety of their rental units. Under the new law, landlords in Mountain View are prohibited from terminating even month to month tenants who are performing illegal acts on the premises. Falling prey to “feel good” legislation for rent control, the citizens agreed to eviction controls that make it virtually impossible for landlords to provide safe environments for their residential communities. This not only takes away liberty from landlords, it destroys the quiet enjoyment of rental communities, who must live next to disruptive and dangerous tenants. By making it harder to evict bad tenants, the voters have unknowingly done away with the accountability that made their community worth the higher rents. Voters must learn to respect the property rights and freedom to form, and end, relationships. Only freedom in rental relationships promotes respect for individual liberties.

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